Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration


Do you have a child who will be age 5 by September 1, 2019?  If so, please mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 9, 2019, when we’ll be holding our new student registration.  Please call the school office as soon as possible to have your child’s name placed on our Kindergarten list.  Also, if you know of someone in our community who may not receive this newsletter and who has a child of upcoming Kindergarten age, please ask him or her to give us a call. 

egistration packets will be sent home at the end of March via carriers for current families, and US mail for first-time families.



BCPS has established Pre-K programs for students who meet the eligibility criteria. If you have a child whose date of birth falls between 9/2/14 and 9/1/15, and you believe you meet the following criteria, please call the office to schedule a registration appointment.


     1.  Family qualifies as homeless.

     2.  Household income is considered at the economically disadvantage level.  Income verification is required at the time of registration.

     3.  Your child has an IEP that includes special education classroom services.  IEP’s for speech or occupational therapy services only do not meet this criteria.

Please contact our school office as soon as possible so we can assist you with this process.  Our school does not have a Pre-K program, but if a child qualifies he/she will be placed in BCPS Pre-K program at an elementary school that does house a program.

If you know of any families in our school district who do not receive our newsletter, please give them this information and ask them to contact CherylWheeler at 410-887-7661.